Understanding the Role of Locksmiths in Modern Society


Locksmithing has been around for centuries. The oldest known lock today, an Egyptian model is said to be more than 4,000 years old. In the beginning, the craft was more of a hobby where people competed in creating and defeating locks. The person who designed the hardest lock to pick, or defeated more complex locks faster, got the bragging rights.

However, as time went by and people became more concerned about their personal safety and that of their belongings, locksmithing ended up being more than just a lock picking competition. Locksmiths got hired for installation of quality lock systems in residential and businesses premises around the world. Today, they are involved in designing, implementing, and managing keying control systems.

Majority of experts run their own locksmithing companies, others are employed in institutions or work as investigational (forensic locksmiths). It has become a very broad industry where experts can opt to specialize in different areas. For instance, one could go for automotive locks, safe locks, or master key systems.

Technical Terms

Regardless of the diversity in locksmith specialties, they all share similar technical terms. Let us look at some of the most popular.

First is the Maison keying system. This is a system that allows a lock to be opened with unique, individual keys. The system is common in apartment building common areas like the entrance or laundry room.

Whenever a person misplaces or losses their keys, they are likely to request for rekeying services. This is where a locksmith changes the locks so that a different key may operate it. However, if you just locked your keys inside the home, office, or car, your lock specialist will only need a master key to help you gain entry. The master key operates a set of different locks.

Talking of keys, a key blank is a key that has not been cut to a specific bitting, while the bit of a key is the part that engages the locking mechanism inside a lock. Before cutting the bits on a blank key the locksmith uses a series of alphanumeric characters known as a key code to generate a unique bitting.

Next is change keys. These are keys issued to personnel who want to access specific areas in a facility. They are also known as day keys and can be gotten from the security team or resident locksmith.

The last key related word you should learn is key relevance. It is the measurable difference between an original key and a copy made of that key. Be it from a wax impression or straight from the original, and their similarity in size and shape.

Locks too have their own terms. There is the shear line and bolt stump. The former being the point where the inner cylinder ends and the outer cylinder begins, while the latter is a rectangular part of a lock located above the talon, and passes through the slot in the levers when the bolt moves.

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